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Misirli, G., Wipat, A., Mullen, J., James, K., Pocock, M., Smith, W., Allenby, N., Hallinan, JS., "BacillOndex: an integrated data resource for systems and synthetic biology.", Journal of integrative bioinformatics, 2013, Apr 10; 10(2): 224, PMID: 23571273., DOI: 10.2390/biecoll-jib-2013-224.

Mısırlı, G., Hallinan, J., Pocock, M., Lord, P., McLaughlin, JA., Sauro, H., Wipat, A., "Data Integration and Mining for Synthetic Biology Design.", ACS synthetic biology, 2016, 10 21; 5(10): 1086-1097, PMID: 27110921.

Landis, CA., Levine, JD., Robinson, CR., "Decreased slow-wave and paradoxical sleep in a rat chronic pain model.", Sleep, 1989, Apr 12(2): 167-77, PMID: 2711092.

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