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1G70 Protein Production Construct




Sequences BBa_K1123004_sequence (Version 1)


This composite part has been built up from a number of separate BioBricks, the most prominent of which the FNR promotor and the 1G70 Protein sequence. The FNR promotor sequence enables us to bring the 1G70 protein to expression anaerobically. Almost all E.coli strains posses a form of this promotor to induce metabolic processes once the bacteria enters anaerobic regions. The 1G70 protein is part of a HIV protein which we are expressing with the sole purpose of using it as a CEST contrast agent.


No real considerations were made in the construction of this composite part. The main point of focus was the compatibility of each of the parts with each other and the E.coli bacteria. Furthermore we then had to ensure that the protein sequence was in frame with the promotor to ensure that expression would be performed correctly.


The composite designed was something we devised ourselves although each of the separate parts was sourced from a different area. The sources for each of the relevant parts can be found on their respective pages.

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